Published January 17, 2014 by fredripsampl

Easy as 1-2-3, no root or file manager required

Amazon restricts the apps you can install on your Kindle Fire HD. But what if you want to get apps from outside the Amazon Appstore?

Here’s an easy 3-step solution, with NO root and NO file manager required. Sideload from thousands of free apps directly to your Kindle Fire HD! SnapPea is the easiest way to manage your Kindle Fire HD from the desktop!

Use a Micro-USB cable to connect your Kindle Fire HD to your computer. Open SnapPea for Windows and it’ll automatically connect to your phone and install the SnapPea app on your Kindle that you can start side-loading apps Open notifications and click to install the SnapPea download file. SnapPea is the easiest way to manage your Kindle Fire HD from the desktop!

Step 4:

On your computer, open SnapPea for Windows and select “Connect phone”. Enter the passcode shown on your Kindle Fire HD in the SnapPea app.

A Go to: Download 1Mobile and download from thousands of free apps from 1Mobile. There are no geographic restrictions and all apps are 100 free.

B Go to: My Phone Apps and “ Apps” to load APK files directly onto your Kindle Fire HD.
Sending Group Texts with SnapPea

One day, my friend Zack decided he wanted to have a party and invite all of his friends with a single text message. Difficulty: he wanted to do so without touching his mobile device from the comfort of his desktop computer.

Fortunately, Zack is an avid SnapPea user and he knew that he could simply send group texts all from his SnapPea client.

First, he opened his SnapPea client to its “Text Messages” tab.
He selected all of his friends, being careful not to choose Adam likes Adam

Next, he wrote them a note, using SnapPea’s $NAME function to address each contact by name in the text message. Notice he also specifies that nobody should bring Adam.

Side Loading Apps Made Easy with SnapPea

Suppose you want to use an app that’s not yet available in the Google Play store. With SnapPea, you can easily install apps to your Android phone by first downloading them to your PC. Below, I’ve downloaded the Cubie Messenger to my desktop it’s available in the Google Play store, too, but work with me here

Click Install apps select file, and find the .apk file that you’ve downloaded.
The newly installed app won’t show in the your installed apps list at first but not to fear!
Assuming you’ve got your mobile device connected, SnapPea will automatically install the app on your phone.


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